On the recommendation of our orthodontist, I brought my son to see Melissa for Myofunctional Therapy.

Melissa is amazing with kids, has such a natural way of explaining some pretty challenging exercises and best of all, my son really enjoys his time with her.  Her positive energy makes each session fun -- you can really tell Melissa loves her profession!  I highly recommend her!  In fact, as my son read this review, he suggested we give her 25 stars!

Mike C.


Melissa is amazing. Not only have I improved my oral health, resting jaw-and-tongue positions, and swallowing ability. I had a great time doing it. Melissa is fun, energetic, and passionate about her work and her clients. She really cares about her clients and she will help improve your oral health in ways you probably had no idea existed.

I was a client for myofunctional therapy, due to a tongue tie I had no idea existed until about nine months ago. My therapy lasted a little over six months with daily tongue exercises. I became a master tongue-clicker and my tongue is now more yoked than ever before! What was pretty exhausting at first has lead to a tongue that can swallow correctly, without contributing to gum recession, and compete in tongue building competitions.

Melissa was seriously so fun to work with. Going to see her was always a fun and enjoyable experience, even when put under the microscope tongue light being observed while I swallow incorrectly. But I can absolutely tell I made positive changes and received positive results in a journey to proper oral health. Thank you Melissa for your great work.

If you or your child need a pathologist, look no further than Melissa Beck. You will not be disappointed.

Rich R.


Melissa was excellent with my son.  She made his therapy easy to tackle and even fun.  It takes someone special to motivate a teenage boy to willingly complete speech therapy but she managed to get him to complete his practice at home and even to do his maintenance exercises after he completed his treatment.  I would highly recommend her!

Alison W.


I'm so glad our orthodontist recommended Melissa. Melissa was great with my daughter and really nice and professional.  My daughter had braces on for two years, but one tooth immediately pushed out again because of her tongue thrusting.  Thankfully, Dr. Eli put her top braces back on while we received therapy.  Now, her braces are off and her teeth are staying in place because of the Tongue Thrust Therapy.

Michal G.


Melissa is a great professional, she not only takes the time to understand your issue and follow it through, but she is also very thorough with the prescribed therapy. I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to be one of her patients and even though I was kind of skeptical at the beginning (never faced a speech therapy treatment before), all I can say is that following her guidance I've got my bite and tongue thrust issue sorted out. Before I was in pain, really annoyed on not being able to close my bite properly and I'm happy to say that now, some months later and after her guidance my bite is perfect. Melissa can really make an impact on us. Thank you Melissa!

Daniel S.


As an adult with braces my orthodontist informed me I had a tongue thrusting problem and recommended a speech therapist. I found Melissa Beck who corrected my problem through therapy and exercises. I found her to be very professional, warm and caring. Melissa is very pleasant and made me feel comfortable. I recommend her very highly.

Delmy W.


Melissa did a terrific job with our twelve-year-old boy.  Her system works!  After our initial consultation we had a diagnosis and a plan, including the complete price and a designated ending date.  Everything went exactly as she described.  She never overwhelmed our son with too much at once, and she gave him lots of encouragement along the way.  Each week he had exercises to do.  There was a nice variety and the added motivation of "graduating" from certain exercises.  Most importantly, he has the knowledge and skills to maintain the improvement he's worked for.  We recommend her wholeheartedly!



During my appointments with Melissa Beck she really helped me and taught me how to make my tongue thrust disappear! She is such a nice person and made coming to appointments enjoyable. She really takes the time to get to know you and I am going to miss going!